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  • Will my insurance cover this procedure?
    Your insurance coverage is based on criteria outlined in your insurance plan coverage document. It is best to check with your insurance company if you are unsure about whether they will cover the test. Even if your insurance plan covers the test, you will be responsible for any co-payment, co-insurance, or deductible amount specified by your insurance plan.
  • Will I have an out-of-pocket for this procedure?
    The amount an insurance company pays for a test is dependent upon the co-pay, co-insurance, and any deductible amounts that need to be satisfied. It is best to check with your insurance company to determine what your out-of-pocket expense will be on your procedure.
  • What is a Co-payment, Co-Insurance, and Deductible?
    A Co-payment (Co-pay) is a fixed dollar amount that patients pay for physician office visits, prescriptions or hospital services. Coinsurance is a defined percentage of the charges for services rendered. A deductible is the amount of eligible expense a person must pay each year from his/her own pocket before the insurance plan will make payment for eligible benefits.
  • Does Advance Medical Imaging & Torrington Radiologists, PC participate with my insurance plan?
    Advanced Medical Imaging & Torrington Radiologists, PC is a preferred provider with over 20 insurance plans. Please check with your insurance provider and/or our facility when scheduling appointments to ensure that we are a participating provider with your plan.
  • Will I get a separate bill from Advanced Medical Imaging & Torrington Radiologists, PC?
    If you were seen at one of our Outpatient Facilities, you will receive one bill for your procedure. If you were seen at any Charlotte Hungerford Hospital locations (Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Charlotte Hungerford Mammography Center, Winsted Health Center, NWCT Medical Walk-in) you will receive two bills: one from the facility where you had your exam, and one from Advanced Medical Imaging & Torrington Radiologists, PC for the interpretation of the procedure by our radiologist. It is possible that you did not see the radiologist at the time of your exam. However, once the studies were made, the radiologist interpreted the studies, dictated the results and a copy was sent to your attending and/or referring physicians. When needed, the radiologist also consults personally with your physician.
  • Do I need an insurance authorization for my procedure?
    Several insurance plans require pre-authorization for some types of Radiology tests, typically MRI, CT, PET Scans, and Nuclear Medicine Cardiac Scans. It is the responsibility of your referring physician to contact your insurance plan, provide information to obtain the necessary authorization and provide the authorization number to Advanced Medical Imaging & Torrington Radiologists, PC.
  • Do you accept Medicard?
    Advanced Medical Imaging & Torrington Radiologists, PC accepts Community Health Network and Aetna Better Health at our facilities located at 220 Kennedy Drive, Torrington and the MRI facility located at 540 Litchfield Street, Torrington.
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Advanced Medical Imaging at 860-489-7314

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